Saturday, January 31, 2015

finally....i'm back

ya Allah alhamdulillah ,
dpt jugak bukak blog aku yg tahap bersawang hebat ni selepas penat be-wrestling dgn google sbb aku lupa password . muahahahahha .

Allah , aku awkward gila ni nak taip . i dissappeared for a long time . 2 years . kalau kawin ni dh dpt anak sorang . huhuhu

Ok last time i wrote about my spm result rite ? hurm alhamdulillah although my result was not really good , I accept what He has planned for me . after waiting for a long time, i entered matriculation college at Pahang for 3 weeks only . Then ? sy dh give up study kt sana and homesick . pastu brhenti . yeke ? eh no no . gile ko nk brhenti sbb tu je . heheh , actually i got offered to continue my study in Biosc at UIA . study punya study then i found that i not really like the course that i'm taking . so , i decided to change the course which is from biosc to human science. I really love this course because i hve to study a lot about politics, psychology , communication .

So , here I am . at UIA . struggling for my last sem in CFS IIUM before entering UIA Gombak to pursue my degree there . if God wills, i want to major in Science Politics and i want to be a diplomate . i can work at many countries and as all of u know tht i love to travel . hihi . doakan yeeee kawan2 . dlm islam pon ada cakap kita kena move from one place to another to see other culture, tribes and many more lah kan supaya kita ni sentiasa mensyukuri nikmat yang Allah bg .

Ok lah , insyAllah by this time aku akan rajinkan diri untuk selalu mengupdate blog ni supaya hampa dpt taw my daily routine (acah2 org amik kesah pasai hg farah oi) sbbnya aku sangat malas nk update my pic ka apa ka kt instagram,twitter. apatah lg facebook , hihu .

ok , my last word ,
my new me. dh ber-specky , ber-gemoks :D