Thursday, December 16, 2010

semakin hari semakin ketaq

conversation between mom and daugther .

d : mom , i feel so nervous to take a result next week .

m : *smile . if you cannot achieve straight a's in your result you will embarrass yourself and your family .

d : OMG ! don't expect very much mom . i feel afraid if i cannot achieve your target . i will make you dissapointed .

m : your sister can get 8a even she is not too genius .

d : *worry + want to cry . emm , okay . pray to ALAH is the best way to relieve nervous .

m : okay then .


conclusionnya : angah , mak , along , abah , tokwan n tok jgn la brhrap sgt dkt adik nah . adik takut adik tak dpt ap yg angah ,along,mak,babah,tokwan n tok hrpkan. adik dh bt yg terbaik . kalau dpt kptsan yg baik , alhamdulillah . *feel wanna to cry . wish me luck eh .


a's said...

keep praying for the best.only HE can gives you the glory of successful in this world

farah imaginasi ^^ said...

oke . pray for me eh .

sherah said...

hai babe. boleh tlg i buat header? :( contact i thru facebook lah ye hehe :)

raja shairah